Naira Marley & Zlatan Are Both Having Their Shows Same Day – Which Would You Go For?

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Nigeria is known globally to be the main home of Entertainment in the whole of Africa. From the movie industry to the music industry and entertainment in general, Nigeria is truly blessed.

When it comes to the latest reigning stars, we have a very wide variety of artistes to choose from but Naira Marley & Zlatan are currently making the waves in the industry.

These 2 youngstars have been dishing out bangers back to back and they don’t seem to relent anytime soon.

Using Naira Marley has an example, after a ground breakthrough of his career this year, the tag name given to his Fanbase “Marlians” became a household name and even their motto “No Mannaz” is one of the most used words this year.

Marlians!!! Come Forward, the rest f*ck off! 😂😂 Imagine the level of confidence he has instilled in his fans with just that line.

Well, you can love both artistes but when situations like this come up, you know where you belong and whose show you would attend.

In a situation whereby Naira Marley & Zlantan are both having their shows on the same day and you’re opportune to go for just one of the show.

Be Sincere – Which Would You Rather Attend?

Let’s know about your choice and the reason behind your choice.

Drop your comments.


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