Dj Coz gives love-birds a New anthem with ‘Uyoyo’

African multi-genius recording artiste DJ COZ has been featured in Ghana’s biggest business and finance newspaper, the Business and Financial Times July 3.

Barely 14-days after the release of his highly publicized ‘Uyoyo’ love song, the Ghana-based Nigerian afro-beats sensation got a spot in the dailies, which marks a great milestone in his career.

The paper described ‘UYOYO’ as “an anthem for love-birds’.

The song has garnered over 100k streams and counting across all digital platforms.

‘Uyoyo’ interestingly is also trending on Turkish TV stations including other platforms across Asia.

DJ Coz is preparing his EP which will be released before the year runs out.

Listen to Uyoyo here:


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